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Purchasing a Weslo treadmill  is a significant investment. But it is vital that you seek information before sinking your hard earned dollars right into a Weslo treadmill C44. Lots of people visit a trend and abide by it immediately without having done prior product research. Let us take a glance at this very popular treadmill.

This treadmill is very popular based on Google Keyword Tools. This means that somehow, someone started some fan fare about this, also it caught on like wild fire. But perhaps you have actually read any reviews onto it? Must be treadmill is “popular” does not mean it’s a good fit for you personally.

Know Thyself – So why do You need to Buy a Treadmill?
I understand. You need to purchase one because you’re eager to slim down out of your pregnancy quickly since your husband doesn’t find you as attractive because he did pre-pregnancy weight? Or possibly you have been stuffing that person with all of types of fast foods and you can’t squeeze into your preferred jeans, your summer season outfits or other things without appearing like a knockwurst stuffed in casing. Additionally you dislike the website of the husband or boyfriend oggling over scantily clad chicks about the beach within their string bikinis – Right?

Okay, let us get honest – the actual REASON you need to buy a Weslo Treadmill C44 is due to the benefit to be in a position to literally Reveal OF BED On your TREADMILL – Right? Consider it:

1. Forget about needing to awaken at 5:30 a.m. to create that long visit to a fitness center
2. Forget about needing to look for a babysitter to look at the children as you workout in the club
3. Forget about investing in expensive gym memberships – whenever you not have time (or motivation) to visit.
Am I right to date? I figured so…
You are a low energy person, so an extreme sweat-producing, butt-kicking workouts are totally unthinkable.

You’re On a tight budget

You’re on the serious budget since your husband is within school of medicine and you are paying all of the bills until he finishes. There is no method for you to afford a gym membership or a costly treadmill however, you still wish to feel and look as thin while you were on your 20’s.

To top things off, your living quarters are moderate which means you have to place furniture strategically. There’s no room for any BIG CLUNKY treadmill.

And how about your kids’ safety? You need to ensure that any treadmill you purchase won’t accidentally switch on and perhaps mangle your child because he or she’s taking their first couple of precious steps!

Surprisingly, knowing your personal personality type, your habits, you and dislikes are essential factors in deciding whether you should purchase the most popular Weslo treadmill C44.

The Weslo Review

That said, overview of the Weslo treadmill C44 revealed the next specs:

1. Budget range $299 – $389 (Very economical)
2. Safety Key (Crucial for those who have Kids)
3. Foldable (More Space in your house)
4. Free freight (Saves You $125 Which you’ll Invest in Sexy Workout Clothes)
5. Readable Console
6. Warranty – 12 months
7. Weight – 112 pounds (Light Enough That you should Move On your own)

Obtain a Treadmill That matches Your way of life

Depending on your personality profile, you’re best investing in a treadmill that’s designed for walking and occasionally running/sprinting – but not at all for running every day. For walking, you will need a treadmill which has a short deck – say as much as, but no more than 47 inches.

Longer decks are for serious runners and avid exercisers – such as the ProForm treadmill picture above and also the Landice treadmill picture below – that you clearly aren’t. You’d prefer a leisurely walk about the treadmill. You will also require a treadmill that rises to 10 MPH, and surely only that.

Short deck treadmills are usually less expensive than top end treadmills, that is ideal for you. You can also buy a foldable treadmill generally with shorter deck treadmills compared to longer deck treadmills.

No surprise This Treadmill Is really Popular

Considering the fact that many people are “leisurely walkers” much more than avid exercisers, the Weslo Treadmill C44 appears to be the best fit for you personally and a lot of others. Prices change from store to keep, however, you will surely get one within the $299 to $399 range. I’ve not seen any priced greater than that.


Things i love concerning the Weslo C44 is it comes with an important feature known as a safety key, that is required to start the treadmill. This safety key also stops the treadmill immediately in emergency situations. That’s ideal for if you have children playing around the home.

The very best feature is it is foldable meaning it will require up less space. Most treadmills are concerning the size a couch. Depending on your living quarters, you’d do best having a foldable treadmill.


However, there are some stuff that I do not like concerning the Weslo Treadmill C44 and that’s that some assembly is needed. For me personally, I detest needing to put things together, but that is just me. I favor to be shipped either already assembled or possess the delivery guy assemble it for me personally.

One more thing which i can’t stand may be the limited warranty. It features a warranty of just one year and repair and labor warranty of 3 months. However the great news happens because you aren’t a jogger, you will not put much deterioration of the treadmill and thus your treadmill will probably last – a minimum of for any year.

Choosing More advanced Treadmills

You may also choose a more advanced treadmill, such as the Landice L7, meaning, it will cost somewhere from about $1,300 or more. But it is worthwhile to possess a more advanced treadmill. They’ve better warranties, more durability and much more “bells and whistles.”

Still, for which you’re acquiring the Weslo Treadmill C44 for (that is for walking purposes) and depending on your personality type, I’d say I realize why this treadmill is really popular and for that reason if not do it now.